Teenage Supplementation

by Joe Mullings

I got a call from my best friend over the weekend. He was concerned that his 16 year old son had recently purchased an insane amount of supplements from a local “Nutrition Store.” They had names like Jacked, Yoked, AnaBurst, etc.; on the labels it had warnings like “must be 18 years or older to use” and “best when used in between cycles.” Now my friend himself was a high end professional athlete and was drafted in 1980 right out of high school to play professional soccer. Supplementation to us back then meant a Flintstone Multi-Vitamin. I also think we played around with DMSO on a few knee injuries we had but that was the extent of it.

My buddy’s son is a very talented baseball player and has been into strength and conditioning now for a few years. He really loves training and visited us during a past UFC event with Edson Barboza on the card and we had a chance to get in a great training session. His boys are genetically blessed as it is, but they have also been working their tails off in a pimped out gym my buddy built in his home. His kids have really benefited from the hard work and discipline they have put into their strength and conditioning programs.

The concern my buddy had though was all of these supplements that his son was putting into his body. As well he should. I see a lot of people, not just teens, spending a lot of money on supplementation and they have little or no idea of what they are really taking and why they are taking it.

I suggested that he ask his son what he is taking and why specifically he is taking it. In fact, since his son is putting so much time into his diet, strength & conditioning, sleep habits, and sport specific skills he should also spend some time and research muscle growth, as well as, what can he do to influence that muscle growth. Then he can make a presentation in a “white paper” form and defend his supplementation regimen AFTER he examines his nutritional intake from whole and natural foods.

I think all of us should take that advice. Now where did I put that jar of No-Xplode and 5 Hour Energy Drink…


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