Accelerated Learning

Rickson Gracie Seminar: Making the Invisible Visible

By: Andreh Anderson

Rickson Gracie stands at the center of the enormous Gracie Academy mat and begins to share. I choose the word share over teach because one gets the feeling immediately that the information he’s transmitting is the essence of his jiu-jitsu—the art that defines him.Read More »

Controlling “Panama” in Jiu Jitsu

By: Joe Mullings

A few years ago I was training with a Black Belt friend of mine, Guy Scuderi. He is showing me a new position and he said, “Remember, you need to get to Panama right away”. I note the “Panama” reference but don’t question it. Read More »

Speed on the Mat: Beating Your Opponent To The Position And The Submission

By: Joe Mullings

Have you ever watched someone train or rolled with someone who just seemed so fast? Everything that they did always was ahead of you or their opponent.

There are many characteristics that make athletes successful and speed is definitely one of them. Read More »


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