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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu TechniquesTechnique and strategy development is at the heart and soul of BJJ. Join us as we create the most extensive Technique Library in the world! We cover both gi and no-gi techniques – with the essential details. So here’s the deal in BJJ. Ask any Black Belt. Perfecting the last 10% of a technique yields 90% of it’s results! Miss a detail and you miss the techniques. But while there are hundreds of techniques, improving your game revolves around first understanding the key elements of the position, how to stabilize, how to set things up, how to prioritize sequences of techniques (whether escapes, sweeps or submissions) and how to transition into and out of a situation to give you an advantage. Understanding the key “leverage points” of each position gives you greater control and sets up the technique and helps you react faster on the mat with less brain lock!

Our Accelerated Learning System format takes you through the entire process so that the specific techniques can be used with greater success!

Mind Games

We’ll also take you into the BJJ Mind Game. We love watching the top Black Belts roll, love watching their technique, but we are even more interested in what they are thinking as they roll. With the help of top fighters, military Spec Ops guys and top trainers, you’ll learn how to conquer everything from fear, to an adrenaline dump, handling injury and breaking the will of your opponent. As this is YOUR site, we need you to share your knowledge and experience by submitting your articles and ideas so that we can post them on this site.

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