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NOTE: JiuJitsuMania Position On Strength and Conditioning Information

The topic of strength and conditioning is relatively new to BJJ in terms of having specifically developed protocols for the various aspects of the ground game in order to enhance physical performance. As such, research, long held beliefs and sources of information will be examined and challenged to see what it has to offer the world of BJJ. Read More »

Why Exercise ALONE is Not Good For You

UFC Lightweight Edson Barboza is nearly 6 weeks out from UFC 142 in Rio de Janeiro. His camp is going perfect. We just finished the “Overload” period of his training camp. Already an insane athlete in strength, conditioning and recovery, there is always room for growth. During the Overload sessions, we are working on the balance of strength and endurance in addition to his technical training. Read More »

The Mighty Mitochondria

As a combat athlete, one of your primary goals should be building your endurance capacity. All the positions and techniques in the world tend to go out the door when you’re your gassed and your body ultimately seizes up. The good news is that you can seriously increase your engines gas tank by some well structured and intense exercise. Your mitochondria are those engines that are at the base of your endurance system. Read More »

Peaking for an Event – The Razors Edge

I just finished coming off a fantastic training camp with Edson Barboza and Luiz Cane for UFC 134. The camp could not have gone better for either fighter – great training partners, limited or minor injuries (which often happen in every 8 to 10 week camp) and no major “dramas” in the camps themselves. Post fight I always reflect on the camp and the strength, conditioning, nutrition, and overall camp plan. Read More »

Leg Development Program for your BJJ Game

Legs can be attacked in so many ways and in so many workouts. I am certainly a fan of squats, deadlifts, and hack squats; however, these less conventional exercises have been tremendously useful for the professional athletes I train. The following series of exercises has a more bodyweight-centric focus. My athletes tend to look for a wider range of movements while reducing the risk of weight induced injury, which is especially important late in a training camp.Read More »

Rotational Movements for BJJ

Rotational movements for BJJ, and most other mat sports, are often an over looked area of development. I tend to think it is because you can’t see the obvious development of the “Beach Muscles.” What parts of the body generates the most useful power, speed, and suddenness? Read More »

Hamstring Tear: An Odessey Through Injury

By: Dr. Tom Deters

Injury happens. If you roll Brazilian jiu jitsu hard enough and long enough, it’s inevitable. Whether fighting off submissions like armbars, keylocks, omoplatas and ankle locks or whether you are scrambling to establish a position, you’re bound to tweak something. Read More »

Training for Muscle Strength vs. Size

By: Joe Mullings

I get the question quite often from combat athletes when it comes to resistance training….”How do I get stronger and faster but not get overly muscular?” To answer that, there are always a number of questions that I propose to the athlete. Read More »

Chad Angelocci Homemade Workout

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Articles

Grip Strength

By: Joe Mullings

Kimono Pullups are great as they simulate the actual grip of the kimono. Beside doing them with hands located equal of “on plane”, I suggest you try them “off plane”. So pull a high side and a low side when doing these as part of your routine. Toss your kimono over a chin bar and pull away. You can use the lapel for a set of grips as well as the sleeves for a different attack on your grip strength. Read More »

Pushing Power

By: David Scholz

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an exciting sport because a fight can end at any moment. One instant, combatants are feeling each other out, moving cautiously, establishing a position or grip and suddenly one technique changes the course of the match. Read More »

Pull Training: A Guide for Better Grappling Strength

By David Scholz, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at Utah State University

It’s no secret that all things being equal (and they never are), strength is definitely an asset on the mat. More and more as the sport of BJJ grows, athletes are (and should be!) adding strength and conditioning programs to their training. In BJJ, few muscles are more important than the “pull” muscles which are so critical in virtually every position and in so many techniques. Read More »

6 Exercises For Standing BJJ Sweep Defense

By Rob Gramer

The stand-up game in BJJ is critical to determining the final outcome of a match. Whoever sweeps or successfully takes down their opponent has a better than 50-50 chance of winning either on points or by submission. Whether initiating a sweep from the “clench”, jumping guard, or attempting anything from a double legged take-down to a variety of throws, it all takes a combination of timing, technique, footwork, leg strength and balance. Read More »

Dealing With Injury

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Articles



  1. TRAINING: Legs-Hips-Back (Part 1 of 3)Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Videos
  2. TRAINING: Legs-Hips-Back (Part 2 of 3)
  3. TRAINING: Legs-Hips-Back (Part 3 of 3)

Read More »

PNF Stretching Video

Cardio and Energy

By: Joe Mullings

From 20,000 feet…..Cardio Training and Your Energy Systems

“Fatigue makes cowards of all of us”. I think it was Lombardi who is credited with that quote. Read More »

The Philosophy of Adaptation Training and its Challenges in a Combat Sport: Things To Think About

By: Joe Mullings

The sports of Jiu Jitsu and MMA have an intense requirement for strength, speed, power and endurance.

Where cyclical type sports like rowing, biking, running all for the most part predictable requirements and pace relative to the event

Other “power” sports like Shotput, Javelin and Olympic lifting have what I would refer to as a “one way” resistance relationship. In other words there is no change in the stimulus for the most part. Read More »

Lactic Acid and its Role in Combat Sports

By: Joe Mullings

We’ve have all seen it. We’ve all heard it. We’ve all felt it. It makes our biceps burn during an intense set of curls. It causes the excruciating pain in our quads during a set of leg presses to failure and, supposedly, lactic acid is what makes a fighter “gas out” in a match. Read More »

Training Adaptation in Jiu Jitsu

The Theory Of Training Adaptation In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

By: Joe Mullings

The theories of “Adaptation” put forth by Tudor Bompa and the applications for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training and conditioning offer some very interesting points. As he presented in “Theory and Methodology of Training” Bompa had developed a training system referred to as Periodization. The objective of this system focus being to develop a high level athlete by varying training stresses (cycles) throughout their “training year” rather than just maintaining a constant level or type of training stress. Read More »

Structuring Your Mat Workouts for BJJ

Making The Most Out Of Your Time On The Mat: A Game Plan for BJJ Workouts That Gets Results

By: Joe Mullings

There are many components to your Jiu Jitsu game – positions, techniques, strategies and of course your level of strength and conditioning. How you develop your strength and conditioning workouts will depend on a few key factors: Read More »

The Soleus: Little Known Muscle That Helps Your Game

By: Joe Mullings

Do you have a Ferrari with a torqued out engine in it that is capable of running hard and long and giving you the power you need? What happens when the tires, where the power meets the road are not high performance as well? You have a difficult time transferring that power and gaining an advantage. Read More »


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