Strength & Conditioning

The next generation of BJJ fighter is going to be stronger, quicker and have better cardio than ever. This isn’t about technique over strength – this is all about making your game technique AND strength. While this ISN’T about bodybuilding, imagine a jacked-up, yoked-out dude with flawless technique! From some of the top BJJ S&C guys in the business, you’ll get info on program design, see videos on exercise methods, how to achieve sick flexibility, plyometrics, super-adaptation techniques (how to recover faster!) and how to deal with, train around, overcome and prevent injuries. We’ll also intro you to the latest in exercise technology – space age stuff to build muscle faster and better than ever!

As this is YOUR site, we need you to share your knowledge and experience by submitting your articles and ideas so that we can post them on this site. Tell everyone what you have learned, what works and what doesn’t and how to get better results.


Strength & Conditioning


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