S&C Position Statement

NOTE: JiuJitsuMania Position On Strength and Conditioning Information

The topic of strength and conditioning is relatively new to BJJ in terms of having specifically developed protocols for the various aspects of the ground game in order to enhance physical performance. As such, research, long held beliefs and sources of information will be examined and challenged to see what it has to offer the world of BJJ. There are limitless variations to exercises and programs, sets, reps, exercise choices and modalities (free weights, kettle-bells, surgical tubing and dozens more). There will be strong opinions and passionate disagreements – who’s ‘right’ and who’s ‘wrong’. That’s great! Those healthy, spirited discussions are just what we need to grow our understanding. JiuJitsuMania will search out and bring you the latest strength and conditioning information from BJJ World Champions, from exercise performance labs, from strength coaches, from powerlifters and rehab specialists to name a few. Say what? Why would we want to hear from a powerlifter who has never stepped foot on the mat? Because they know more about building pure power and grip strength than just about anybody on the planet. Sure those power training techniques will have to be adapted and assimilated into a broader program for someone training BJJ – but the information can be priceless. Similarly, we will bring you research from the “white coats” from across the country – some of who roll BJJ and most who don’t – so that we can apply what science has to offer as we sort through the dogma of “opinion”. Lots of champions became champions in spite of, not because of their strength and conditioning programs. Muhammad Ali was great champion, but few fighters today would follow his conditioning program. Keep an open mind, and challenge your long held beliefs, as uncomfortable as that may be at times. Let’s take BJJ to the next level!


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