Meal Replacements Bars

By: Joe Mullings

As an athlete on the run or even just a really busy person who cares what and when they put foods and supplements in their bodies, I want to offer a suggestion for a breakfast, meal or just plain snack that you can feel really good about. Read Now! »

Guaranteed and Simple Weight Loss Program

By: Joe Mullings

The turn of the year always seems to have weight loss in mind. We have all have had New Years resolutions to “lose something” whether its weight, bad habits or anything else we no longer want. I find many times that people make losing weight entirely too difficult and complicated. This is where the term compliance comes into play. Read Now! »

SuperFoods : How Top Athletes Can Eat on the Run

By: Joe Mullings

In this video segment JiuJitsuManias Joe Mullings shows you the SuperFoods that are easily prepared and especially easy to eat while you make it thru your busy day. Whether your busy training, at the office or constantly on the road. SuperFoods are the way to get the most out of your training and enhance your performance!! Watch Now! »

Recovery For Us Older Guys

By Joe Mullings

I received a request from a fan of the other day. He asked me to give him some insight as to how to stay in shape and how to recover from all of the training that we do. I see this friend, Sal, at 6am in the mornings in passing as he heads in to train and I am heading out. Sal is also ancient…just like me, but we continue to appreciate the sport of Jiu Jitsu and other mat sports. Read More »

Cortisol Management – Part II


By Dr. Tom Deters and Joe Mullings

(NOTE: Please read Part I to get maximum benefit and understanding from Part II)

In Part I, we talked about a master stress hormone secreted from the adrenal gland called cortisol. Cortisol can create mayhem in your body, virtually negating all your “best intended” training efforts and robbing you of performance in both jiu jitsu and or MMA. Read More »

Stress & Cortisol – Part I

By: Dr Tom Deters and Joe Mullings

We all know about stress – stress is the reaction to a stimulus which creates a response. If the stimulus doesn’t elicit a response, there is no stress.

Stress is NOT a dirty word – A certain level of stress is good / healthy as it stimulates a healthy or positive response. Read More »

BJJ Nutrition: How to Eat on the Run – The Right Way.

By: Joe Mullings

Today, everybody’s on the run. Whether you’re training BJJ just for fun, or if you’ve got your sights set on becoming a world champion, you need to fuel the machine with high octane nutrients – and you often need to do it on the fly.

We’ve all been subjected to the “magic bullet” or “instant result” advertising campaigns promising incredible results. Read More »

Staggering Calories


(adapted from Module III: Bodyfat Control, by Tom Deters DC)

Way too many BJJ and or MMA fighters subject themselves to unnecessary stress as a tournament approaches by trying to cut too much weight. Read More »

Energy on the Mat: Fueling Better Performance

(adapted from Module II: Diet Strategy, by Tom Deters DC)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, especially the version used in tournaments or in a cage, is one of the most intensely anaerobic sports there is. Read More »


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