One of the Best Camps or Seminars You Can Invest In

I don’t generally make a lot of recommendations for camps or seminars. It has been my experience over the years that a lot of the material, positions and instruction is retreaded material and at best, half heartedly presented. You learn a few positions or techniques and run along your way hopefully remembering a few of them at best and there you go…..some money spent for a few positions, a picture with the instructor and an over priced t-shirt 😉

One of the very few exceptions in my 25 plus years in martial arts, training and studying….the single most influential seminar / camp I ever took was put on by Tony Blauer ( and his team. Hands down to this day, it is a major influence as to how I train and how I teach and communicate on the mat – be it Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Strength & Conditioning for my pros in the UFC, or how I breakdown and structure new modalities for myself or my pros. This perspective is held by many of the top coaches and competitors in the MMA, BJJ and combat sports world.

The locations of the camps are always first class. Mine was at West Point, so the history and aura was really awesome. This year’s camp is at Hacklemans Pit in Vegas (

The guest instructors are always top shelf with Tony and his programs. This year I think he is having CrossFit founder Greg Glassman and being the course is at Hacklemans, if John doesn’t have a fight he is working, you can guess he may show up and does some work with Tony and crew. Tony Blauers guests typically are at the “top” of their respective fields and Tony has a way to make their expertise incredibly relevant to your learning. That’s the great stuff about Tony Blauers teachings – he exposes you how to think and process. If you are going to one of his sessions just to learn “positions’, you will definitely get some great “positions”, but you will walk away with an entirely new mindset as to how to access and interpret the body of knowledge you have already acquired. Blauer has an approach that will really appeal to high level thinkers and high level creators.

It doesn’t matter if you study BJJ, Muay Thai, Combatives, Wrestling, etc… will find that Tony’s work overlays them all and will definitely change how you view your training, learning and teaching.

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