Meal Replacements Bars

As an athlete on the run or even just a really busy person who cares what and when they put foods and supplements in their bodies, I want to offer a suggestion for a breakfast, meal or just plain snack that you can feel really good about.

Some people call them “protein bars”, I prefer to call them meal replacement bars. The recipe I am suggesting in this article will provide you with a great source of protein, carbohydrates and good monounsaturated fats. I personally prefer to make my own meal replacement bars for the plain reason is I can make them taste the why I want them to taste and I also have a pretty good handle on exactly what is in them.

Study by Consumer Labs (www.consumer in tests found that 60% of the 30 bars tested failed their labeling claims.

A number of protein bars use glycerin as a major ingredient (used as a sweetener and to keep the product moist), however the manufacturers do not consider it a carbohydrate. So they don’t list it as a carbohydrate in their content, because manufacturers claim it has “minimal effect on blood sugar levels”. Ummm, there are a number of carbohydrates that have a minimal effect on blood sugar levels…but they are still carbohydrates.

Most protein bars don’t have a lot of fiber in them, so they don’t really make you feel like you are “filled up”. Consider eating a high fiber, low glycemic fruit with your protein bar, like an apple, pear or strawberries.


Here is a simple recipe that I have tweaked over the years and use for myself as well as the athletes / fighters I train.


These bars will have 11g of fat (good monounsaturated fats), 28g of protein and 26 carbs 9 (good complex carbs) for a total of approximately 290 calories.

1.5 cups of Oatmeal

1.5 cups of Apple Pomegranate Granola (Whole Foods has it)

½ cup of Natural Organic Peanut Butter

1 cup of Skim Milk

4 scoops of Protein Powder (select your flavor to determine the flavor of the bars)

A dash of Vanilla or a dash of Cinnamon

Get a large mixing bowl and mix all the ingredients together. I suggest not being fancy, just use your hands to mix everything together. It will be really sticky, so be sure to be prepared for it as this stuff will stick to your fingers as bad as a 5 year olds booger. So don’t wipe it under the counter when you are trying to get it off your finger.

Spray the metal or glass cooking tray with Pam as it will be easier to remove the Bars after they have set. Use a large flat spatula to spread out the mix in cooking tray.

Put it in the refrigerator over night and cut the bars into 8 equal sections. In order to store them to take on the run or even on the counter, wrap each of them individually in wax paper, it will keep them moist and easy to toss in your training bag, briefcase or lunch bag.

Enjoy and let us know what you think


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