Guaranteed and Simple Weight Loss Program

By Joe Mullings

The turn of the year always seems to have weight loss in mind. We have all have had New Years resolutions to “lose something” whether its weight, bad habits or anything else we no longer want. I find many times that people make losing weight entirely too difficult and complicated. This is where the term compliance comes into play. If there are too many things to measure, count, weigh, special frozen meals, etc. it gets way too crazy.

Here are my favorite guidelines for the easiest and quickest way to lose weight. Guaranteed!

  1.  Stop eating anything that is white. White bread, white rice, potatoes, cheese, dairy, etc.
  2. All servings of anything you eat are the size of your fist or fits in the palm of your hand.
  3. Eat one animal protein with each of your 3 meals a day. (Egg, fish, chicken, turkey, lean red meat)
  4. Eat one serving of fruit with each of your 3 meals a day.
  5. Eat one serving of vegetable with each of your 3 meals a day. Preferably cruciferous. (Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, arugula, radish, etc)

Most importantly. If you have to snack, cashews, almonds, dried fruit. NO SWEETS AND NO CHIPS (Even if its the baked kind, it is still bad for you, and it will ruin your diet!)

No soda or juice. No matter what. Drink water (with lemon or lime) or Crystal Lite. If you want bonus points…no alcohol! If you must drink alcohol, keep it to the weekends.

You are allowed 2 cheat meals a week. You call it, whatever you want.

That’s it!! Simple. I guarantee a very large weight loss. No doubts. Do this for 2 weeks and compounded with your existing exercise program and let us know how it goes.

Look for our next article that will add on an exercise program to super charge the weight loss and build cardio and muscle.

Have fun.


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