Grip Strength – Kimono & Baseball Pullups

Kimono Pullups

These are great as they simulate the actual grip of the kimono. Beside doing them with hands located equal of “on plane”, I suggest you try them “off plane”. So pull a high side and a low side when doing these as part of your routine.

Toss your kimono over a chin bar and pull away. You can use the lapel for a set of grips as well as the sleeves for a different attack on your grip strength.


Softball / Baseball Pullups

I love this exercise as it really challenges more of an “open grip” movement. Be sure to realize that this exercise is really all grip. As it will not likely hit your back or shoulders as classic pull-ups do, since your grip will likely fail well before your other larger muscle groups.

For those that really have a challenge getting a few, please note that you can do these from more of a plank position as illustrated in pictures below.


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