BREAKING NEWS: EXCLUSIVE Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) Gis designed by FUJI SPORTS

The world’s leading manufacturer of BJJ uniforms, Fuji Sports, has just released an exclusive line of uniforms designed specifically for the Abu Dhabi Combat Club.  The ADCC gis will be available for sale beginning this week at in celebration of the 2011 ADCC World Championships; which will take place next weekend (September 24 – 25, 2011) in Nottingham, England.  Fuji Sports has developed the ADCC gis for everyone including the ADCC Pro Gi for the serious professional and the ADCC All Around version for the everyday jiu-jitsu practitioner.  

 The ADCC Pro Gi

The ADCC Pro Gi is a super high quality, summer-weight competition uniform designed for the professional jiu-jitsu competitor.  The ADCC Pro gi features an authentic pearl weave pattern that makes the uniform strong and lightweight while maintaining a traditional jiu-jitsu look.  The rubber collar keeps the inside dry, strong, and resistant to mildew.  The ADCC Pro gi features the official ADCC Submission Fighting logo embroidered on the left chest, stripes featuring the Brazilian and UAE flags on the shoulders and pant legs, a large ADCC back patch, as well as a decorative black ADCC ribbon throughout. 

 Available in White, Blue, and Black. Comes with jacket and pants (no belt).

 Price: $179.00 plus S&H. 

 The ADCC All Around Gi

 The ADCC All Around Gi is a mid-weight BJJ cut uniform that features a shorter jacket and well tapered arms.  Made from 100% cotton, the ADCC All Around gi is built for comfort and durability with strong pants and special reinforcements throughout. This gi features stripes of the Brazilian and UAE flags on the shoulders and pant legs as well as large back patch with the official ADCC Submission Fighting logo.

 Available in White, Blue, and Black. Includes jacket and pants (no belt included). 

 Price: $129.00 plus S&H. 

 Now is your chance to own a piece of jiu-jitsu history, and show your support of the world’s toughest jiu-jitsu competition. 

 Order your ADCC gi today or by calling (800) 757-7686


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