Boaoffset for a Killer Grip and Forearms

JiuJitsuMania had a chance to demo an interesting new piece of equipment – The Boaoffset Bar. ( Forearm strength and grip strength in Jiu Jitsu are critical at a top level of the game. If you have ever rolled with someone with these assets, you feel it right away. Boaoffset positions itself to develop both of these. The Boaoffset product line includes offset straight bars, squat bars, bench press bars, and curl bars. The company sent us a straight offset bar to put through the ringer.

The first thing we noticed when we opened the package was a very well made piece of equipment! Being a geek engineer myself, I was impressed with the craftsmanship and the attention to detail of this piece of equipment. This is first class machining and fit. I spent the first 5 minutes ogling the product. The long straight bar and the smaller single curl bar were magnificent! Great feel when you pick it up and it puts the feel of an Olympic Bar to shame. The Boaoffset feels “alive” in your hands – seriously! When you hold it in a curl, press, or french curl your hands and forearms are firing all over the place.

“Great feel when you pick it up and it puts the feel of an Olympic Bar to shame.”

As you fight against the bars movement, you can feel your thumbs and forearms engage as the bar rotates. Depending on your grip and position (whether palms up or palms down), you definitely have a unique and dynamic feel in the forearms and hands. We also like the fact that the bar accommodates Olympic style plates and collars.

Images are the property of Boaoffset (

Images are the property of Boaoffset (


We experimented with high reps and low reps in our program over a few weeks and found interesting results. Initially, we found a burn/failure quite quickly when working with the Boaoffset. We attributed this quick failure due to a new movement and a new attack on those newly engaged muscle groups. As we adapted to the new movements and exercises we were able to pile on weight for high-rep and low-rep sessions. Check out the site for more details on how the bar works ( The Boaoffset definitely improved our forearm and grip strength over a 4 week period. Granted, we probably spent more time on those muscle groups due to having a “new toy” to play with. But heck, who cares as long as we got stronger and had fun along the way!

The Boaoffset is not an inexpensive piece of equipment though. The straight bar will run you around $390 and the curl bar approximately $225. This is a bit more than an Olympic Bar, but having said that there are exercises and movements that are unique to this piece of equipment.

This piece of equipment will definitely improve your grip and forearm strength and will definitely improve your BJJ grip for a better game.


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