Exclusive Interview with Edson Barboza Post UFC 134

JiuJitsuMania one of Edson Barbozas sponsors, had a chance to speak with Edson Barboza shortly after his big win against a very tough Ross Pearson. The fight between the two lightweights won UFC’s coveted Fight of the Night. Which in itself was impressive with all of the great talent on the UFC Rio 134 card.

JJM: It was your first MMA fight in Brazil since you left as were fighting Muay Thai. How did you feel fighting your first MMA fight on your home soil of Brazil?

Edson: It was indescribable for me. The the energy of the crowd was exciting, the crowd was wonderful! I think I can say it was one of the most exciting fights of my career, no comparison, I did not expect such a reception from the crowd, I knew that MMA was growing up in Brazil, but I knew it was not this much. My city, Nova Friburgo, stopped to watch the fight, and whenever I walk down the street people come and stop to talk to me, take pictures, I feel a great warmth of the fans and especially the children, I am very happy, Thank God.

JJM: Ross Pearson seemed very well prepared for this fight, what surprised you most about his tactics?

Edson: He’s a very tough guy and I already knew this. He is very durable and a great striker and boxer. It was clear he was very well trained and came very well prepared, but I also knew he would want to come right at me and crowd me. I had to take this into consideration during the fight and be able to execute a plan that would allow me to back up and create space and still be able to get my strikes off. I did what I had to in order to get the win.

JJM: You often hit Ross with some very powerful punches and he was able to recover. What were your thoughts when he was able to take the punches?

Edson: So as I said, he is a boxer, so he has very strong chin, I knew that that he felt the punches, but had a very quick recovery of the same boxer. but I knew there was winning my points and I did not care. I could not get to the knockout, but it was a war and gave the audience a great show.

JJM: The pace of the fight was very intense. No one backed up. It was incredible. How does this compare to other fights you have had?

Edson: That fight was a war, as was my last fight against Anthony. I am preparing to fight three rounds, and if I get a knockout or a submission, it is just a consequence of my work, but I am preparing to give 100% in three rounds and thank God I have managed to do that. I have fought with very tough guys and have done two great fights in the UFC.

JJM: If you could have done one thing differently during the fight, which would have been?

Edson: I do not think I would have done anything different in this fight, because I put my plan into practice, which I trained for two months and that was what I wanted to do as I did in the fight. Ross was very tough, very strong and it made for a great war that everyone enjoyed.

JJM: How does it feel to be 3-0 in the UFC and to win again “Fight of the Night”?

Edson: It feels really nice and appreciate the recognition, Ross and I really put on a great fight in the octagon. I’ll continue to train more and harder for the next battle because I know that only comes through my hard work and committment. I want to fight the best and that’s it. God blessed me again with the bonus of the Fight of the Night.

JJM: What are you doing now after the fight in Brazil?

Edson: Now I’m resting and enjoying my family I had not seen for almost two years. I’m just enjoying eating very well and enjoying Brazilian food and getting back the fat I’ve lost every time fight. hahahaha

JJM: Is there anyone you would like to thank you and do what you want to say anything to your fans?

Edson: I would like first to thank God for the opportunity to fight and be able to do what I like and achieve good results. I want to thank all my team in Jupiter, Florida, “The Armory” the support all my coaches, my trainer Joe Mullings did a great job with my fitness, my manager Alex Davis for the opportunity to fight in Brazil, the coach Mohammed Ouali who honed my standup, along with my training partners Marlon Moraes and Luiz Cane. My BJJ Coaches Eduardo Guedes and Rafael Chaves and also, along with my partners Pablo Popovitch, Vagner Rocha and Cyborg and the people of Imperial Athletics. I want to thank all my family and friends, all my students at The Armory, for all that were at HSBC Arena that gave me strength and energy to all who stayed up late to see me fight and all the fans for the affection that I have received. This victory belongs to us all.


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