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Welcome to the BJJ Community Forum where the World of BJJ Talks about all things BJJ. Here is the place to share techniques on the mat, condition methods, nutritional secrets, tournament strategies and the latest news on BJJ from all over the world. Keep it real, keep it clean, keep it fun, keep it kind and KEEP COMING BACK!

Success Stories is constantly on the lookout for Success Stories! Through our international travel interviewing teachers, experts and covering tournaments and from our network of correspondents, we’ll bring you motivating stories of courage, determination, perseverance and beating the odds. We’ll talk to those who have turned tragedy into triumph or done the amazing when no one thought they could.


Submission of the Month

Submission Of The Month is a collection of some of the most dynamic and exciting BJJ subs you’ll find anywhere. We’ll grab video from the largest tournaments, awesome gym rolls or garage training sessions. If it’s an awesome sub, we want to know about it and see the video. We never get tired of watching the clever transitions and the sneaky set-ups leading up to the tap out.

Student of the Month

No matter what your goals or aspirations, training BJJ is an amazing journey. No other sport will teach you more about yourself and offer so many valuable lessons. The strategy and lessons that lead to success in BJJ are very similar to the strategies and lessons that lead to success in life – diligence, hard work, persistence, faith, commitment and belief in oneself. We’ll feature students that demonstrate these qualities and more – students who are making the most of their training experience all the way from White Belt to Black Belt! Their stories are sure to stoke your fire and motivate you to make your next training session your best ever!


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