Why JiuJitsuMania.com

We love BJJ and are constantly on the prowl for information, any morsel of information, on any aspect of our sport to make our game better. BJJ is always on our minds. We go to seminars, get to roll with dozens of Black Belts, attend the major tournaments and hunt on the internet constantly for any and everything BJJ. But you know what? We’re hungry for more – and bet that you are too. We’ve found sites that show some great techniques (we’ve watched countless hours of YouTube videos) and we’ve been able to dig up a bit on conditioning, but we’re looking for more of the bigger picture, like how to link techniques or how to transition from one position to the next. We’d like more on cutting edge strength and conditioning for BJJ and more on performance nutrition and the mental aspects of the game. And you know what? We’d like an industry wide forum to meet and gather so that information can be shared, questions can be answered, contacts developed and the word can be spread.

So, we started kicking around the idea of creating a media hub, an industry focal point, to serve the brotherhood – and sisterhood – of BJJ. That’s why and how JiuJitsuMania.com was born. JiuJitsuMania.com is NOT a hobby – it’s a full-time, committed, labor of love built by successful media professionals, ALL of whom also hold advanced belts in BJJ and represent decades of mat and competitive experience. We’ve won. We’ve lost. Over the years, we’ve had dozens of instructors with a variety of teaching styles. What we bring to the table, in a way that may be unique, is the ability to package and present information – on technique, conditioning, nutrition and mindset – from the best sources, in a logical, systematic manner. We’ll do the heavy lifting on our end, digging through the research, picking the brains of the champions and BJJ icons during interviews and then delivering that information to you in a logical, detailed sequence with the thought process involved, that you can apply TODAY!

This site is all about what WORKS! We want you to come here to study and learn what works best and most efficiently on the mat. Can’t get to the gym? Come here and study and learn – and you won’t lose much of your edge. Come back often as we will constantly be adding content. Get on our discussion board, ask questions and share in formation. Tell your friends, follow us on Facebook and say “hello” to us at your next Tournament. Enjoy jiujitsumania!


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