Our Future

We believe that the rapid growth and exposure that BJJ has had in the past few decades will fuel a very bright and very exciting future. We believe that BJJ will continue to attract more top notch athletes, thereby making the game even MORE dynamic.

We believe that a system designed to Accelerate Learning will allow people to understand the key elements of each position with much greater efficiency so that retention and performance will increase dramatically. Overall technique, skill and competence will be achieved in much shorter periods of time.

We believe that cutting edge strength and conditioning modalities along with specific scientific nutritional and supplementation programs will be integrated into BJJ, making athletes stronger and more powerful than ever. Look at NFL linebackers today vs. ten or twenty years ago! Imagine monsters with strength, agility, flexibility, speed, endurance and incredible TECHNIQUE all rolled into one. Amazing!

JiuJitsuMania.com is dedicated to moving the world of BJJ into this fantastic future starting today!


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