JiuJitsuMania Interview With Ronis Gracie
Posted 449 days ago

Ronis Gracie bursts onto the BJJ and MMA scene to carry on the legacy of…

Swiss Ball Leg Raise Leg Unders
Posted 577 days ago

Gerrit Blydenstein - Swiss Ball Leg Raise Leg Unders


JiuJitsuMania Foot Lock Attack Calf Cutter
Posted 623 days ago

This technique demonstrated by Marcelo Cohen and Jake Deters shows a great pass that transitions…

Lunging Kettle Bell Swings
Posted 679 days ago

Exercise routine, Lunging kettle bell swings.

A Lesson From BJJ Legend Mario Sperry
Posted 681 days ago

By: Rob Gramer

A few months ago Mario Sperry made a special appearance at our gym.…

A Lesson From B…

JiuJitsuMania Hail Mary Sweep

This is what we call a Hail Mary sweep. Tom Deters and Marcelo Cohen show an effective sweep for when an opponent is locked down and holding on when in your full guard. Typically think about using this one when your opponent is ahead in a tournament and they are stalling for time. It takes


JiuJitsuMania Interview With Ronis Gracie

Ronis Gracie bursts onto the BJJ and MMA scene to carry on the legacy of his family name. On this latest interview with JiuJitsuMania, Ronis shares his background, his training philosophy and his goals to win the Mundials this June in California Watch Now!


Can You Afford Not To?

By Joe Mullings

On my commute into work every morning I like to listen to the business channels on satellite radio. I typically listen to Bloomberg Radio or CNBC if I want more “bullsh*t” chatter and listen to people talk over each other. For the past week as earning reviews have come out, my brain


Mario Sperry Spends Time With JiuJitsuMania

The one and only Mario Sperry dropped by JiuJitsuMania to spend a bit of time with us. Hear what his thoughts are on BJJ today, the UFC in Brazil, Rashads upcoming fight with Jon Jones and his prediction on Edson Barboza Watch Now!


Carbohydrates and Fat: What You Need To Know About Cutting Weight Fight Week

scale, weight cutting

By Joe Mullings

It seems that there are about as many ways to lose weight as there are fighters. Add to that the various organizations and their weigh-in schedules and the challenges of making weight can be mind-numbing. For instance, you have to weigh-in just before you step on the mat for IBJJF matches, the


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